Sunday, October 29, 2006

Narcissists while mentally ill are not insane

“When inevitable punishment does come, the narcissist is shocked and irritated by the nuisance. Being punished also proves to him and validates what he suspected all along: that he is being persecuted.” – Sam Vaknin

“This is why narcissists, psychopaths, and sexual predators go to jail for what they do. Though mentally ill, they are not "insane." An insane mind is an unsound mind — a broken mind, a brain that doesn't work properly, a brain that sees and hears things that aren't there, a brain that cannot distinguish reality from imagination, a brain that can't reason. The insane stick out among us like sore thumbs. But narcissists, psychopaths, and sexual predators pass for normal. That's because, physiologically, their brains work just fine. Indeed, some are rocket scientists. Some are ingeniously cunning. So their brains function magnificently when they want them to. All are perfectly rational when they want to be. They devise and control their behaviour, doing their dirty deeds only on the sly. They are therefore absolutely responsible for what they do.” - Kathleen Krajco