Friday, February 02, 2007

How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved

What is a dangerous man? Most women would answer: one who is physically violent. But abusive behavior is often more insidious. Men who want mothers, not partners, who prey on lonely, passive women, who are mentally ill, addicted, or emotionally unavailable, or who won't go away when asked to leave all fall into this dangerous category. In this book women are encouraged to take responsibility for their own safety, are shown how to choose men wisely, and learn how not to make the same mistake twice. Thirteen chapters cover all the red flags of a dangerous man, offer stories of women's successes and failures dealing with each type, and provide safe ways to get out of a hazardous relationship. Armed with this valuable information, women have the tools they need to cultivate positive and healthy relationships with men.

How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved
by Sandra L. Brown
ISBN: 0897934474


Finally separated after 13 years in an unsuccessful marriage, I picked up this book to get my head straight before I set out to meet someone new. I found my exhusband in chapter after chapter and it gave me a great deal of peace to see that although I made plenty of mistakes, I was not alone. I was smart to draw the line in the sand where I did. What a relief to know I was not unjustified in my belief that something was 'wrong' with my husband! The first date I had after my separation was awesome: too good to be true. When I got home, I picked this back up and sure enough---there was my nice, ordinary date, with red flags all over. I'm done with dating for a while, but now I'm off to the hardware store to stalker proof my house. If you have a pattern of unhealthy relationships, I can't recommend this book highly enough, and I am being serious when I say it could save your life. It is easy to read, you won't feel stupid or ashamed, only much, much smarter when you are finished. - a mom and a librarian

About the Author: Sandra L. Brown, holds a Masters Degree in Counseling. She was the founder & director of Bridgework, Inc., a comprehensive center for the treatment of victimization and emotional trauma disorders. She has worked for over 15 years in the field of Victimology. She has provided individual and group counseling to hundreds of survivors of dangerous men. She has also specialized in the field of Psychopathology which has made her exceptionally alert to the issues of dangerousness in people. Likewise, she has also treated perpetrators and dangerous men. She has been a consultant to hospitals, non-profit agencies and human service providers in the field of Victimology. She has written books and articles on the subject of victimization, has lectured at colleges and at workshops on the subject matter. She also designed and established residential treatment programs for abused women. About the Book: 'How To Spot a Dangerous Man before you get involved', What happens to a woman when she finds that so-called, “Relationship of her dreams” and she is has no real foresight whatsoever in this field? She will walk blindly into the hands of a,” Dangerous Man”? She will more times than not, find herself caught in a world of abuse of some type. Learn what, “Dance of Victimization” is and how to avoid it. A quote so eloquently written in the foreword of this book. “How To Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved” will educate its reader on 8 different personality types of,” Dangerous Men” such as: 1-The Permanent Clinger 2-The Parental Seeker 3-The Emotionally Unavailable Man 4-The Man with the Hidden Life 5-The Mentally lll man 6-The Addict 7-The Abusive or Violent man 8-The Emotional Predator Each of theses sections are equipped with a checklist and a defense strategy to help guide you into a better understanding of the negative mind and the games that they play. This book is an excellent read for all women, it is written to inform women and teach them a sense of hindsight in regards to the,” Dangerous Man” that is waiting for them to fall into their grasps. The reader will also gain positive knowledge they will need to be able to see through the false identities of these, “Dangerous Men”. You will read stories from victims of the ,”Dangerous Man” and how some of these victims survived their experiences, and you will also read how some victims repeated falling into traps set by the, “Dangerous Man” and why. “How To Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved” is an education in itself and one that is a must for all women in order to avoid prisons of abuse and pain. To know your abuser is to beat him at his own game. Recommendation: Womensselfesteem definitely recommends the book 'How To Spot a Dangerous Man before you get involved'. It is written with the intent to delete all predators form this world that we live in and give women the relationship that they deserve. One of honesty and happiness. Thank You Sandra for sharing this book with me and making it available to all women. - Dorothy Lafrinere