Thursday, March 22, 2007

Humor: Enough About You: The Narcissist's 7-Step, 1-Minute Survival Guide

Enough About You: The Narcissist's 7-Step, 1-Minute Survival Guide to Sacred Spirituality, A Self-Empowered Career, And Highly Effective Relationships

Mimi E. Gotist

ISBN-10: 0060555939
ISBN-13: 978-0060555931

Book Description

The Complete
Narcissist's Guide

Mimi E. Gotist delivers a gift for our times: practical, simple guidance to help you cope with the self-loving people in your life-while nurturing your own inner narcissist.

At once utterly self-absorbed, and charmingly aware of it, Gotist offers advice on:

# Dating: You're not looking for the person you want to marry -- you're looking for the person you want to change

# Career: Don't work -- work it

# Spirituality: Me Here Now

# Personal Growth: You can't help anyone who won't help you


I got this as a birthday gift, from my sister no less. At first I was insulted, and then I started reading and couldn't stop laughing. This is a great send-up of the self-help, I'm-OK-you're-OK genre that says all we have to do is acknowledge our fear of failure, selfish behavior, and loathing of humanity and then miraculously everything will be OK.

While Mimi's discourses on "The Tyranny of Sharing" and "How to Avoid Socially Conscious Religions" are funny - there's also some truth to it all. It's as if she climbed into my brain and interviewed the mean, selfish other twin (I'm a Gemini) who seldom shows his public face. For anyone who's lived through all the self-help trends from EST to Marianne Williamson to Dianetics, this is a hysterical book.

A fabulous gift for the narcissist - or self-help junkie - in your life. - A reader

I was a little alarmed when this book was sent to me as an anonymous gift. With trepidation, I started reading it -- and laughed so hard I forgot to be alarmed. I was then alarmed all over again when I realized how much I identified with Ms. Gotist. So much so that I've now started reading the book again. Highly enjoyable! - hawcubite

My friend gave me this for a BDAY gift and I immediately fell off my chair laughing. Enough About You is one of those laugh out loud books -- almost every page has a funny joke. It was a great gift. - Highly Enjoyable