Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Women Who Love Too Much

Women Who Love Too Much: When You Keep Wishing and Hoping He'll Change

by Robin Norwood

ISBN: 0671733419
ISBN-13: 9780671733414

Book Description

This is the world-renowned, inspiring, practical program for women who believe that being in love means being in pain. Based on the multi-million-copy bestseller, Women Who Love Too Much presents a clear, comprehensive, 10-point recovery plan for women who are addicted to the wrong men for the wrong reasons. Among the vital lessons you will learn in this program are: How the search for the love you never got from your parents can become a crushing obsession in adulthood. How to change from loving someone so much it hurts, to loving yourself enough to stop the pain. How to free yourself from destructive loving and build a healthy, meaningful relationship. This step-by-step self-awareness program offers help, understanding and, above all, hope -- the pathway to making love the truly happy event it is supposed to be.

From The Critics

LA Times
Robin Norwood has written an extraordinary self-help book that reads like a thrilling page-turner....This beautifully written, intelligent book can help women break the pattern of foolish love.

Houston Chronicle
If you constantly find yourself loving men you want to change, Women Who Love Too Much is for you.

Customer Reviews

A reviewer, just a normal person, like you, 09/23/2006
Force yourself to read this one - it WILL save your life.
I didn't know why I kept ending up in relationships that, in hind-sight, were doomed from the start. This was the most difficult book for me to read and I started and stopped multiple times as I recognized myself in the characters, but didn't know why. By the time I finished the book (for the 2nd time) I truly realized that denial is not a river in Egypt. No mater how difficult, read this book to it's conclusion, and more than once if necessary, to help you make a positive change in your life.

Lauri, A reviewer, 02/04/2006
Opened my eyes!
I read this book after a series of abusive men. It made me take responsibility for the types of relationships I was calling into my life. I stopped dating for a while and started the process of learning to love myself. I am now in a trusting, committed relationship with a man who loves and respects me. This relationship challenges me to be the best person I can be. Instead of pushing all the wrong buttons, he pushes all the right ones.