Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Peter Pan Syndrome: Men Who Have Never Grown Up

The Peter Pan Syndrome: Men Who Have Never Grown Up

by Dan Kiley

ISBN-10: 0380688905
ISBN-13: 978-0380688906


Oh PLEASE pay attention to this book !
By J. Stevens "wondermom !" (PA, USA)

The chance reading of this book stopped me from marrying "Mr. Wrong".. and opened my eyes to this syndrome which is just as common is women as men.
You can't change a person unless they are in diapers. Change yourself or accept them, warts and all.
I'd highly recommend this book and will give my copy to my daughter before she graduates from high school and goes out into the world.
Kudos for making it available again !


Personal Understanding of the People I have Loved & Admired
By Phyllisia (Atlanta, Georgia)

I was married to a man that I could never figure out the way he reacted in his daily life. He was very much still dependant on his family for financially support; played well with children and animals. From my understanding he was put into a boarding home at age 2 years old--so, this may somehow interferred with his bonding with his mother and father that caused some of his problems. Later in his teen years and adult years he became a severe alocholic; an abuser to women and a person when his mother was not around dependant on other women. Would rather sat at home playing games all day long than working and when working would fantisize about being someone he was not; and tried to convince other people he was a zillionaire or should be treated as royalty.

I also have a brother who is like this; and I too do not know today how to deal with him,but, the book opened my eyes letting me know that I am not the one that is crazy nor the one with this snydrome. I would recommend the book to everyone; I just wish that Opral Winfrey would have Dr. Dan Kiley on her show so that the world could hear the Doctor speak on this syndrome and have a better understanding about the syndrome and the people they have to deal with on a daily basis who has this problem.

Just look at Michael Jackson and read this book--wow,surprise, surprise, Mrs. Jackson (mother of Michael) a book written about your son. And, maybe people will not look as Michael as so different any more:as there are thousands and thousands of men that have this syndrome. This syndrome does not make a bad person--it just means the person is still somehow caught in the time of his childhood and has never let go; for fear, security or whatever reason the person still feel safer is this part of his world. Who knows--Michael Jackson seems to be happy all the time. Anyway, read it people and understand the people better you deal with and quit calling them different and nutty. us tlove them for who they are. You can not change them. You can only support who they are and enjoy whatever time you can tolerate being around them.