Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Do You Have a Narcissist in Your Life?

"Narcissism: The Web of Illusion" is a powerful new E-book written by Rev. Kaleah LaRoche. It delves deeply into the topic of Narcissism in our society taking readers beyond the psychological perspective into a whole new world of understanding.

Spokane, DE, October 29, 2007 --( Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder were once uncommon terms understood by few. However with the growing number of people who have been victimized by those who have this complex disorder, awareness is increasing. Narcissism is becoming a popular term in the United States and other Countries.

Kaleah LaRoche delves deeply into the topic of narcissism in her powerful new E-book “Narcissism: The Web of Illusion.” She approaches narcissism from many different perspectives looking at the relationship between narcissism and evil, and even shedding a bright light on what evil really is.

An Interfaith Minister, and survivor of narcissistic abuse, Kaleah has spent over seven years researching narcissism, which she believes is becoming a huge problem in our society. “Narcissism is not just a psychological issue” says Kaleah, “it is a spiritual issue! There is a soul rape that takes place amongst victims and I am on a personal mission to help people understand what is happening to them.”

Kaleah believes knowledge is power and the more one knows about the complex web of illusion created by the narcissist, the more tools one has to free herself from the abuse.

“Narcissism: The Web of Illusion” is a users manual for those recovering from narcissistic abuse and also for those who love someone who has gone through this type of abuse.

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