Sunday, November 18, 2007

Civilization vs. barbarism

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Civilization vs. barbarism: An analysis of the terrorist bombings of London

Fred Hutchison

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Disappointed narcissism

Narcissism is a term derived from the Greek God Narcissus who fell in love with his own image in the water. Narcissism is inordinate self-love. Let us assume that the dog in the manger is a disappointed narcissist and is bitter about his inability to eat the corn. As a narcissist, the dog regards his inability to eat the corn as all-important. Whether or not the cattle eat is inconsequential to the dog except as it relates to his inability to eat. The narcissistic dog regards himself as the only being of value and all others as non-entities. Therefore, the dog might resent seeing the cattle non-entities eat when he, as the all-important one, cannot eat. He uses his fangs in malicious spite to refuse to allow the cattle to eat.

If the narcissistic dog in the manger is a correct metaphor for the malice of the terror bomber, it implies that disappointed narcissism can simultaneously lead to both the hate and despair of the terrorist.

The roots of the fallen nature

The fall of man, as described in the book of Genesis, brought into being the essential core of the sin nature we have all inherited. In my book The Stages of Sanctification, I discover three cardinal principles of the fallen nature based upon a study of Genesis and other scriptures. The three cardinal or primeval sins of Adam that have passed to every man are Pride, Inordinate Self-love, and Disobedience. With the aid of Bill Gothard's teachings, I found that these deep taproot sins give rise to three "second tier sins," or "sins of the world": Worldly Values, Moral Impurity, and Bitterness. The Apostle John warns us that the second-tier of sin comprises the corruption of the world.

"For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh (moral impurity), the lust of the eyes(covetousness and bitterness), and the pride of life (worldly values) is not of the Father, but is of the world." (1 John 2: 16) The three worldly sins directly grow out of the three primeval sins of the fallen nature.

Antisocial and suicidal narcissism

Narcissists are essentially antisocial because they resent any distraction from themselves. A homosexual narcissist riding in the seat behind me on the airplane during my recent home from England spoke loudly and incessantly in eccentric tones, so that no one could think about anything but her (or was it a he?). Her/his obnoxious sociability was anti-social in spirit because he/she destroyed the possibility of social communion among the other travelers. It was a dog-in-the manger trick. "If I cannot be the center of the social interaction, no one else will be allowed to communicate." I have learned by experience that if you ask such a person to quiet down, they are likely to fly into a rage. The dog in the manger snarls. The garrulous, narcissistic quasi-lesbian on the plane had the kind of antisocial spirit that is first cousin to those who commit violence out of spite. Indeed, the rates of gay-on-gay violence is extraordinarily high.

Can a narcissist be suicidal? Yes. The rates of gay suicide are also very high. The disappointed dreams of narcissistic glory easily lead to bitterness, bitterness leads to self-pity, and self-pity leads to despair. Every small child must experiment with threats of narcissistic suicide. "If I can't have my way, I shall hold my breath and die. Then you'll be sorry!" Narcissism is antisocial, violent, and suicidal and deals in emotional blackmail. The adult version deals in manipulation of friends and extortion of enemies. Terror attacks are an exotic political form of extortion.

Violent narcissistic cults

The two teen-age boys at Columbine High School who shot their classmates were narcissists devoted to murder and suicide. Narcissistic children hate the society of their peers, because it distracts from their self-absorption. They can tolerate social discourse only if they are the center of attention. Children on the playground dislike the anti-social narcissists and torment them. Small groups of narcissists sometimes band together, form paranoid conspiracy theories about their playground enemies, and plan their revenge. The two teenage boys who killed twelve fellow students, a teacher, and themselves were filled with hatred against the other teens and against the world. We cannot know if the boys would have had pangs of conscience if they had lived, but a fully developed narcissism can transform itself into a heartless sociopathy. A sociopathic murderer might feel no more pangs of conscience than one would feel about stepping on bugs. The extinction of "non-entities" does not trouble their sleep.

The teenage narcissists at Columbine formed a two-boy death cult for their vendetta. The terror bombers of London were nourished on conspiracy theories and an ideology of hatred of England and the West and joined small terror cults.