Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Discarded victims

In the world of normals we nurture relationships with people. Not so with the narcissist, everyone is a potential object to become their supply, to gain their trust, to devalue and\or use and eventually discard with no remorse. Usually, the relationship with supply lasts until the narcissist gets bored and its stimulating effects decline or they see the opportunity to aquire new supply for thier personal gain.

You’re suddenly told you are no longer "needed" and you’re completely deleted from their world, you must be deleted because the narcissist would never want you to be near or know their new supply, to warn them of their fate. Who would believe you? unless you had proof and knew the narcissist was lying to his new victim. That is your only weapon. Some discarded victims are more outspoken than others.

For a new victim to find out the truth is devastating for the narcissist, he does not like to be alone, he becomes lost having neither his old supply to charm back into his life or his new supply that he was causing him to be on a high because they were gulible enough to believe his lies and manipulations.

One victim at a time, locked in compartments of the narcissists past. So sadly, you will not be discarded until they are completely sure they have secured a new supply and you are left wondering what caused their bizarre child like behavior.

Sadly, it’s not unusual for a narcissist to return to a prior supply if it’s apparent that the new one is not as bountiful, they simply abandon the new supply and return to the prior one to regain the pity and trust while hunting to secure a more advantageous supply.

Who is really caged?