Friday, March 02, 2007

Inside the Glass House

These fears and behaviours are precisely what Narcissistic Personalities target.

Most people will recognize about 6-8 items in the following list.

You are not alone.

1. I'm afraid of being alone or fear of being alone forever.

2. I wanted to be a stay at home type. If I leave, I'll have to support myself and I believed him when he said he would 'take care of me'.

3. I haven't worked for ages my self confidence is gone. I don't think I could even sharpen pencils anymore.

4. What? Stop whining and actually make a decision and do something?

5. I can't control myself with No Contact. I'm compulsively driven to contact him. I struggle with detaching.

6. I enjoy the rollercoaster chaos in his life. Everything else seems dull.

7. I fear what he will do.

8. I have mental problems myself.

9. Remaining in denial and focusing on his abuse means I don't have to look at my own problems.

10. Fear of the unknown stops me from making decisions.

11. M.O.N.E.Y

12. Confusing marriage vows and martyrdom.