Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Loving the Self-Absorbed

Loving the Self-Absorbed

by Nina W. Brown, Wendy Millstine (Editor), Tracy Marie Carlson

ISBN: 1572243546
ISBN-13: 9781572243545

From the Publisher

With 5 million Americans suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and another 10 million with the less severe syndrome Destructive Narcissistic Pattern, Loving the Self-Absorbed is a timely book. Author Nina Brown gives readers specific steps for limiting the effect of a partner's narcissistic behavior and getting what they need out of the relationship. She explains the five types of "destructive narcissism" and how to recognize their effects on a relationship. Realistic strategies show how to set mutually agreeable behaviors. Because narcissists lack natural empathy, Brown teaches readers how to change their own "fantasy" expectations, create boundaries, learn new "attending behaviors," listen and respond in a self-caring way, and learn when to avoid and ignore especially bad behavior.

Customer Reviews

Dianne, School Counselor with a Master's !, 10/02/2005
I finally know I am not crazy !
This book is laid out so well. It explains the symtoms of a distructive narcissistic parent (and in my case, husband too)in a clear understandable manner. Although she uses proper terms, she takes time to explain what they mean and give examples. She does not leave you hanging by just helping you understand what is wrong with you. She shows you how to become stronger and able to cope with it. It has taken me 36 years of marriage to finally understand why I have felt so unhappy for so long. I thought it was all my fault and I would do everyone a favor by suicide. There is HOPE. Read this book BUT let a therapist help you through it. It can be very painful at times when those bad feelings and rememberances come to the surface. You cannot get better without facing them. Even though I work as a counselor, my own problems were too close for me to see.

A reviewer, A reviewer, 08/14/2005
Supportive insight
I hate to admit this but it took me 11 years to understand my partner and this book was what finally did it. That sounds grandiose but it is true. Also very important --the insight into my own behavior and actions that contribute to this problem relationship. This information is the kind of support I needed whether I decide to stay or whether I decide to leave.