Sunday, April 29, 2007

Red Flag Narcissistic Behaviors

Think your partner may be a narcissist?
Identifying behaviours below may give
you a good indication of what you may
be facing:

1. Does your partner have a big ego and feel that others are less important than he?

2. Does your partner like to control others and the environment?

3. Does your partner feel that rules don't apply to him?

4. Does he or she take advantage of others to achieve his needs?

5. Does he or she show little respect for others, and may in fact refer to others as "idiots"?

6. Does he or she often criticize others?

7. Is he or she quick to take offense at comments others offer towards them, if those comments are not complimentary?

8. Does he have a quick temper?

9. Can his personality change at a moment's notice?

10. Does he ever exaggerate the truth or outright lie?

11. Does he deny he has any issues to work on but believes that if everyone will do as he tells them to do, then all will be fine?

12. Does he seem totally oblivious to understanding empathy and compassion for others but demands everyone jump if he is slighted or has his feelings hurt?

13. Does he blame others for all his problems?

14. Did he start out the relationship being very charismatic, charming, romantic, and almost "perfect" but those behaviors changed quickly as he became hardened, abusive, critical, and perhaps violent?

15. Did he suggest love and marriage while only in the relationship for a short time?

If the penny is beginning to drop then you may have now identified what you may be dealing with and this will help you deal with your specific situation.

From Medical News Today