Friday, July 27, 2007

In the World of Narcissism

Alivia Riley
July 25, 2007

It is rare these days to find another person whom I can share an intelligent conversation with in regards to the state of society and have it flow without the contentions of who is right and who is wrong. Today I found myself in one of those moments of insightful exchanges of where society is at today.

It was in this conversation that the position was taken that as a society here, we function on the sole basis of emotions. We live in a world that makes the most imperative decisions based off ones emotions and we work hard at correcting societal immoralities on this illogical process and impose our justice based on irrational feelings.

One only needs to take a look at our prison systems to see the logic of such an adversative subject.

The system is inundated with narcissistic personalities who have chosen for whatever reasons to live in a caged fashion. It was not their sad, appalling stories of childhood that brought them to this place; it was at their will.

Narcissism is a choice to debase society and place their needs and desires above the welfare of their communities; a mental condition void of emotions.

It would then reasonably cause one to ask, “Why do we still believe that we can rehabilitate those with no emotions with a society trained to live in emotions?”

Narcissism does not stop at criminals behind bars, taking up the financials of dependable, law abiding citizens who blindly accept the decisions made in and through our government.

It bleeds over into some of the most powerful people we place our freedom into the hands of: the government, the justice system, those who sit on the highest chairs of our system; they are consumed with self interests of the minority, opposing the needs of the majority, and sacrificing the principle in which our forefathers had built this country on. Shed their blood in the name of, taking on huge bravery to give us a place of liberty – in which we should hang our head in shame, the majority of us who sit sightless, unimposing and unquestioning of those who infringe upon our basic of rights: to live without restraint, to talk freely, to act in our own best interests.

We want to believe the lies fed to us, we choose to remain blind as one by one, each one of our rights is occupied by the interests of the minority, whose self interests remove what little we have left in the illusion of a self-governing country.

And we built this foundation on the semblance of emotions in a world concealed in denial of human benefit. Yet, as more government interference arbitrates our daily lives, the more likely it is we will breed more narcissism, and find ourselves in the world of selfishness and socialistic societies with no rights to govern our interests, follow our dreams. Sadly we will be faced with fated destruction based on our inability to think for ourselves, work for ourselves and raise our children to become themselves.