Sunday, July 22, 2007

Unholy Hungers

Unholy Hungers: Encountering The Psychic Vampire In Ourselves & Others

by Barbara E. Hort, David O'Neal (Editor)

ISBN: 1570621810
ISBN-13: 9781570621819

From the Publisher

Vampires are not just imaginary creatures of fiction or legend - they really exist. They are the people who, having never received love, settle for power instead, and become experts at robbing others of their vital energy. We've all known them. In her fascinating study of this dark psychological archetype, Barbara Hort looks to traditional myths as well as to their modern equivalents in literature, theater, and film, following a blood-soaked trail to such unexpected destinations as The Silence of the Lambs, "Snow White," and the Broadway musical Gypsy. She offers insight into how psychic vampires originate, how we allow ourselves to be caught in their clutches, and how we can protect ourselves from their seductive influence.


Amazing, March 8, 2007
By Lynne Anderson (Seattle, WA United States)

Do you feel drained when you are around certain people?
This book tells, in easy to understand terminology, just what is happening. It shows how certain people really are vampires. They drain our energy and make us feel tired. Not only that, we ourselves could be doing the same thing to others without knowing it.
This book can show you what to look for in others, and yourself, and help you to overcome the vampire in both.
(Those who don't think you should read this book may have an ulterior motive. Knowledge protects us from their feeding.)

Highly Recommended, June 22, 2007
By Susan W (Canada)

What an amazing read this is! I've read a lot of psychology books, but this is certainly one of the best.
The book explains how and why people drain others of their vital energy, and how to protect yourself against these psychic vampires. I found the book to be very well explained, using myths, archetypes and even contemporary films to illustrate how the vampire operates. Highly recommended!

Seeing the vampire in oneself and others, March 6, 2007
By Irini

The monster has been with us from the beginning of time, writes Barbara Hort, and though she goes on to talk about vampiric characteristics we all share with the monster, there is an "omission": she does not mention the Psychopath, a human-looking-like being, but utterly inhuman in that it lacks the one characteristic of humanness - conscience (For more on psychopaths, read Martha Stout's Sociopath Next Door and Kleckley's Mask of Sanity). And that monster has been with us from the beginning of time, but we can't see him (looks just like us) or understand him (his emotional substratum so unlike anything from our reality), thus infecting our minds with his own mindset, gaining little by little control over the state and national affairs, media and economy of the globe, a process excellently described in Lobaczewski's classic, Political Ponerology. The Vampire has bitten us and we too have lost our humanness, turning into cold blooded unfeeling, feeding beings. Hort's book is excellent in teaching the fundamentals of protecting oneself from feeding, and how to reclaim the blood bumping human heart in our chest.