Monday, July 16, 2007

I Thought I Was the Crazy One: 201 Ways to Identify and Deal with Toxic People

by Ruthie O. Grant aka Amorah

ISBN: 1932181016
ISBN-13: 9781932181012

From the Publisher

Toxic personality traits are found in more than half of all spouses, partners, or intimates, leading them to demand much, give little, and treat others shabbily. These traits are identified and targeted in this relationship guide. Helpful advice includes how to parent oneself, how to nurture the soul, and how to move toxic people toward learning the consequences of unacceptable behavior. This holistic approach provides a fresh perspective on dealing with personality disorders and rebuilding the self-esteem that gets destroyed by those toxic people.


FANTASTIC!, July 4, 2006
By A. Skwirut (Oxford, NJ USA)

This book was fantastic. It helped me realize that I wasn't the crazy one and that the toxic people in my life were there because of their own actions. The way they acted towards me and others wasn't my fault and it wasn't because of me. This is a great book to help anyone figure out who the toxic people are in their lives and it tells you how to handle them accordingly. Highly recommend.

Avoiding the toxic, April 18, 2006
By Charity Johnson "Honestly honest" (Los Angeles, CA USA)

This book is one of the best books I've ever read. Not only is this book easy to read and understand, but it also provides good insight into the different types of personality disorders sometimes challenging the reader to examine his or herself. The author prepares us for what we may encounter in relationships, friendships, and even in the work place. We often face people who have toxic personalities and get sucked in, the book helps us to identify and break away. The book also tells us how toxic people don't know their toxic, often blaming you for problems never looking at themselves sometimes making you question your own sanity, making the title perfect. I enjoyed the book and I believe at one point or another everyone should read it.

Wonderful Read, July 2, 2004
By Jamie Petersen "Jamie P" (Los Angeles, CA United States)

This book is a life saver. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. It's a collection of quotes that are thought provoking. Each quote has a comment from the author that is sensitve and evolved. I highly recommend it to anyone who is on the path to self improvment.