Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Verbally Abusive Relationship

Verbally Abusive Relationship: How to Recognize It and How to Respond

by Patricia Evans

ISBN: 1558505822
ISBN-13: 9781558505827


Verbal abuse doesn't leave the same physical evidence as battery, but it can be just as painful, and can actually take longer to recover from. The new edition of this important reference covers the most recent developments in dealing with verbal abuse and answers the questions readers ask most on the subject.


This Book Has Something For EVERYONE
Nikki (leahmfitz@aol.com), founder of National Family Rights

Reading this book has changed my life through me learning the coping techniques for dealing with verbal abuse. However, I do not just recommend it for those's in a verbally abusive relationship. I recommend it to everyone in any type of relationship because it teaches you useful communication skills period. You can also learn to recognize some things in your communicating style that could keep you from possibly unintentionally hurting someone else. I am purchasing the book today for a friend who recently married and is having trouble with what is being said to her. I do not necessarily belive she is in an abusive relationship or not. If she is then this book will help HER reconize it. Either way she needs this valuable information.

It's not my FAULT
ALD (texas2906@hotmail.com), becoming stronger

I was always wondering why I couldn't do enough to please him. It wasn't enough...no matter how good the toilet was it wasn't good enough. When I went unhappily to clean it better he would say I was so defensive of a suggestion. That I was trying starting something by digging my heals in the ground just to try to piss him off. He told me I did things on purpose because I got enjoyment out of pissing him off. He could graph my wanting to argue when I would want to discuss an emotional issue. So, I became numb and a just remained there for the financial security. I have 2 teenagers who are suffering from my putting up with this, to a point they have lost respect for me. This was my first book and it won't be my last...I will not remain in this situation much longer. I do not feel it is my fault any longer to have an opinion or it is not my fault if the bed isn't made correctly. It is his for thinking because he makes the money that he is better and that I need to be his slave. I have to let a bit of anger out so I don't need validation and go ask him one more time what he is mad at and be ignored and told that I just want to start something. I'm DONE. My counselor suggested this book on my second visit. I read it in a day and a half. Wow is all I can say. If allowed you may email me.

EVERY Person Should Read this BOOK!!!!
A reviewer, A reviewer, 10/30/2005

People tend to think that being verbally abusive is cussing, swearing and name calling when in Fact it is also...looks and sometimes Not Talking...Verbal Abuse takes on MANY Forms....I have literally read hundreds of books many being self-help!!! This one was So GOOD that a counselor friend of mine that I gave a copy to....Taught a class on It!!! I had been married over 20 years and when I read this book I realized that my Ex-husband had at one time or another used every tactic in this book! ( I said ex-husband) You won't be disappointed...even for everyday what seems to be normal relationships and marriages can Greatly benefit from this book! FIVE STARS!!!!