Wednesday, August 08, 2007

God Works For Me Now

Jacqueline Ann Blakeway

ISBN-10: 1905988087
ISBN-13: 978-1905988082

Book Description
In the year 2000, Jacky watched Jaya, the man she loved, hover on the brink of insanity. It was the most traumatic and terrifying experience of her life. When his anguished search for enlightenment caused him to access dramatic spiritual insights and visions from other cultures and centuries, Jacky's life took on a turbulence she could barely manage. In Jaya's 'blinding vision' on his journey into the mind, God bestowed on him a dark and perilous mission to perform here on earth . and one that was accompanied by unlimited power. Soon his daily life began to run parallel with a story that was written five thousand years ago, bringing devastation and destruction to every area of his life. The incredible twists and turns that Jaya's 'spiritual crisis' took from this point on led Jacky to the brink of hell and back. Imagine an ego so wildly out of control that he claimed even 'God worked for him now!' This is an amazing true story. It is a story about love, heroism and survival.


unbelievable! six stars
David Holiday

"The title aint good, I was expecting one of those bible bashing, holy than thou, this is how life should be books, but how wrong could I be.
This was stunning..... I'm talking the best book I've read for a decade. Not my normal read but something that made me stop and take a deep intake of breath on at least a dozen occasions. It left me thinking about life... and people... and the mind... and wow! just about everything.
Stunning.... absolutely stunning, a must buy."

This book is mind-blowing!
Kathleen S. Misson

"It makes you want to scream "Why didn't you just leave him!" I was riveted to this book from page one and the full impact of this astonishing story is still sinking in! Once read, a book like this cannot be unread. It will challenge your beliefs about relationships, love, madness and God. Highly recommended reading."