Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Narcissist Paper Bag rapist... denied parole again

VANCOUVER (CP) - A man dubbed the Paper Bag Rapist serving an indefinite sentence for a string of brutal attacks on Vancouver women over almost eight years is beyond hope for treatment, says the National Parole Board.

John Horace Oughton, 57, was convicted of 14 counts of sex-related crimes in 1987, but has been accused of more than 100 attacks in Vancouver in the 1970s and 1980s.

Though he was declared a dangerous offender, he has the right to apply for parole every two years.

But at this month's hearing, the parole board said psychiatric reviews found there are no treatment options available that could help Oughton's narcissism and grandiosity and he remains a high risk for reoffending.

"Your dangerous maladaptive personality structure is so entrenched and widespread that you are unsuitable for any currently available psychiatric treatment intervention at the present time," said the parole board's report.

"No intervention exists to reduce your very high risk to reoffend to a manageable level in the community."

Oughton was arrested in September 1985, after three months of round-the-clock surveillance by police to confirm they had the man who they believed was responsible for as many as 150 sex assaults beginning in 1977.

The former hot-tub salesman used wigs and theatrical makeup as disguises and was dubbed the Paper Bag Rapist because he would use one to cover his head.

The parole board said Oughton had been given six chances to complete sex offender treatment programs while in prison, but failed every time.

Oughton has been diagnosed as having multiple-personality disorder and at the time of his arrest told police someone named Oliver was committing the crimes.

At his trial, he testified that he had been sexually abused as a child and was at one point an alcoholic and a cocaine dealer.

The board report says Oughton refused to acknowledge that the parole board has a right to make decisions in his case and provided no plan for how he would handle being on parole in advance of the hearing.

His next parole hearing will be in July 2009.