Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tears and Healing

Tears and Healing: The Journey to the Light After an Abusive Relationship

Richard 21CP (Richard Skerritt)

ISBN-10: 0615114490
ISBN-13: 978-0615114491

Author's Description

Tears and Healing, The journey to the light after an abusive relationship is a self-help guide that helps people in relationships with an abusive partner to understand their situation, take greater self-care, and break free of the abuse. A reflection of the author's own trail from confusion to freedom, it outlines step-by-step the issues to be faced and teaches healthier ways to approach the situation. The steps include: contacting reality; understanding the abusers disease; dealing with love; finding yourself; dealing with obligation; healing from abusive treatment; and choosing how to move on with life.


By cortezhill (San Diego, CA)

Richard's step-by-step approach has guided thousands to find the vision and courage to say "no more" to their abusive partners.

Because abusive partners distort our reality and tear down our self-estem, breaking free can be truly dificult. In this work, written from the "inside" perspective, Richard 21CP (his online pseudonym) explains the seven step process that he developed to break free from his own abusive relationship. In direct, simple terms, he explains how to:

* get back in touch with what is really right and wrong;
* understand your partner's illness and how it spins you into its orbit;
* deal with being in love with someone who abuses you;
* detach emotionally and find out what you really need in life;
* break out of your unyielding sense of obligation;
* heal the damage from abuse, and let tears lead you to healing;
* overcome fear and make decisions to move to a better life.
--- from books back cover


Reviewer: J. Paul Shirley, MSW - Co-Author: Stop Walking on Eggshells Workbook

I highly recommend Richard's book, Tears and Healing. His writing is clear, and although his words are written with gentleness, he pulls absolutely no punches about dealing with the hard facts about BPD and its effects on everyone. Some people say there is a reason for the pain we go through having a partner with BPD, and in Richard's case I agree. He has a gift for lending a helping hand for others trying to walk that painful path. I don't generally get excited about new books on BPD, but Richard's left me feeling good & that's a rare gift for a writer to have.


Reviewer: Sam Vaknin - Author: Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited

There are bookshelves upon bookshelves of professional, scholarly, and utterly inaccessible literature about abusive relationships. Those who need it the most - the traumatized victims - are locked out by the jargon and the lack of practical advice. Recently, survivors and victims have taken matters into their own hands and have published their own books, replete with first hand experiences and tips. Tears and Healing is a fine specimen of such writing: sensitive, attuned to the emotional and pragmatic needs of the survivors, both deep and accessible, a helpful guide to the traumatic aftermath of abuse.


Reviewer: Darla Boughton, Manager of Narcissistic Personality Disorder/Psychopath forums(4000+ members)

Tears and Healing is a must read for anyone involved in a devastating relationship with a personality disordered partner. It is a must-have, top-notch, first-aid kit to understanding the emotional devastation such a relationship causes. The author reveals his first-hand experience and knowledge. Let Richard's words reveal how to reclaim your sanity in an insane interaction with a disordered partner.