Monday, September 03, 2007

Devoid of your love - Poem

by Jennifer Wichard

As I think about your love my hands begin to shake,
I existed just for you, which was my first mistake.
I believed all of those lies as I gazed into your eyes,
Never imagining our future together.

Where I would be climbing a mountain of misery,
Trying to prove my worth repeatedly,
Serving a life sentence of torture forever.

On eggshells I did carefully step,
From your reprimands and punishments I wept,
But the promise that was made on that fateful wedding day I kept,
With the hope that you would change. You didn't.

For everyone else you would put on quite a show.
Who was that man I would never know?
When your audience would close the door,
You'd throw your mask upon the floor and revert back to the demon I knew so well,
My life with you was a living hell.

Your words formed a noose around my neck,
While I dined on poisonous meals you prepared which robbed me of my self respect.
For years I received each and every blow convinced I had no place to go,
And I even thanked you wholeheartedly for reconsidering your decision to discard me,
Like I was a piece of trash.

How could I be so lucky?

The cruel way you treated me backfired miserably,
Because I eventually built up resistance.
My darling Bruce, something you failed to see is that your words no longer affected me.

A life with you devoid of your love became a normal existence