Friday, August 31, 2007

Narcissist infects others

New HIV victim claim


August 31, 2007 05:10pm

POLICE have uncovered an eighth man who has allegedly been infected with HIV by Adelaide man Stuart McDonald.

Prosecutors today told the Adelaide Magistrates Court that McDonald would now face 11 counts of endangering life, relating to eight men he is accused of infecting with the virus.

The Advertiser understands the new victim came to light as a result of the ongoing investigation into McDonald's sexual history.

Previously it had been alleged that McDonald had only infected seven men with the HIV virus.

He is only the second person in SA history to face endangering life charges over sexual acts.

The first, Andre Chad Parenzee, is awaiting sentence for endangering the lives of three women he had slept with.

Parenzee, like McDonald, has the HIV virus.

McDonald has yet to plead to allegations he recklessly and deliberately infected men with HIV between January, 2005, and mid-last year.

McDonald allegedly lied to some of the men - who he met through the Gaydar website - about the deadly virus before having sex with them.

The court has previously heard psychiatrists claim he has a narcissistic personality and was dismissive about infecting others, saying "that's their problem".,22606,22339804-5006301,00.html