Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Serving your narcissist boss well

If you are dominated by a narcissist, you probably are challenged to continually strive to satisfy the demands which deplete you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, economically, and politically.

You know that your narcissistic parasite relies upon you to make them feel alive and confirm again that they are the center of the universe.

They are "bigger than life" and it is your job to tirelessly and perpetually shamelessly promote them as being the very best--whether they are the smartest, most clever, most handsome / beautiful or athletic--there is no one who can compare to them; they are a triumph of image over substance.

It is truly difficult to live up to the greatness of these people and you should always feel extremely honored to know these people.

Many of these people are avowed atheists, but do not be deceived--none of them truly are, for they ARE God!

You must recognize this godhood as part of their perfection: Narcissists are beyond mere perfection.

The person might be your friend, your spouse, your boss, a family member or a drinking buddy: The specifics of the nature of the relationship is unimportant--they have selected you to be their Ego Drug Supplier.

You are their unpaid prostitute to not just give them strokes according to their desires and needs; you must anticipate their wants and needs in advance to be ready to go the distance to satiate them.

Plan ahead.

Observe and learn them thoroughly to play in complete harmony in concert with them as second fiddle without missing a beat or generating a sour note.

Give them the feeling of power and superiority by volunteering to let them dominate you and expressing your willingness to do anything they want.

Give into their demands freely of yourself at any time, day or night; ignoring their weird sense of time and timelessness.

When your narcissist tells you to "Jump!", ask them how high ON THE WAY UP!

Be certain to always listen in silent attentive rapt attention as they go on and on for hours about how stupid people are and how they've been so insulted and how they're being so mistreated and how it's so hard to find anyone competent and how bad service is and how really rotten everyone in the world is.

Remember that these people are very sensitive to any hint of a suggestion that they may be wrong: To insinuate that they are anything but perfect will instantly destroy your credibility.

Resist the nagging doubts of your psychological early warning autoimmune system, nagging you that you might have made a deal with the Devil, that your narcissist is peculiar and disturbing, amoral and conscienceless, entitled, self-contradictory, stingy, grandiose, delusional, humorless, seductive, insensitive, pessimistic, secretive, cruel, immature, envious, competitive, contemptuous, critical, unpredictable, authoritarian, inflexible, cynical, gloomy, impulsive, having a highly selective memory, being a superior revisionist of history, may be wrong, might be mentally ill, might be an alcoholic, might be an abuser, might be a dirty rotten scoundrel who could land you in prison on death row.

You are a sadly flawed person who can never measure up to the perfection of the narcissist and are beneath contempt--you will never amount to anything and are not to be thanked or given any kind of recognition and gratitude: Any recognition and gratitude must always flow to your narcissist.

Always provide narcissists with what they expect from you, instantly, without question, gratefully and cheerfully.

In the back of your mind maintain that little voice that tells you, "What you are doing is for your own good and for the good of the whole world--you are doing an excellent thing, and you must continue!".

Never expect respect: Remember your place--you are a worthless, valueless, stinking piece of repugnant garbage who has been graced with the opportunity to satisfy your narcissist's addiction to you as their source to feed from.

Realize your place.

They are your Lord and Master; you are their unimportant obscure slave, lackey, footman / mistress--never make the mistake to think you should ever expect anything in return except your perpetual subservience.

You will always stand in the shadow of their greatness and never be any more than you are today.

Your Master will always stand above you with Executive Privilege as the successor of the Divine Right of Kings.

Be aware that your existence is only fulfilled in protecting the reputation of your narcissist King.

If your narcissistic source ever diminishes, understand that your narcissist will dump you in favor of someone who can better supply their continually burgeoning need for their drug of choice--you.

Never feel the need to be free from your abuser--your path is clearly one of sorrow, suffering, trials, burdens and utter joylessness; always be prepared to be trivialized--to lie down and bare your neck to show your submission to your narcissist as leader of the pack.

You must eternally compromise yourself and your principles, conforming to the will of your obsessed, unstable, erratic, demoniacal Master, negotiating appeasement at every turn, living in fear of their temper, anger, rage, ire, menace, and contempt.

As the needs of your narcissist escalates, you will find yourself continually losing ground.

You must be prepared for this.

After years of tolerating excruciating abuse, you will be dumped.

You will feel guilty, lonely, insecure, empty--severed from the one to whom you have sacrificed your entire life, selflessly, asking and needing nothing from them.

Your narcissist will have moved on to a new source, for that is the cruel creature they are and what you have willingly volunteered to support.

But they are not finished with you yet.

You are expected to come to them on bended knees, repentant and contrite, groveling in sackcloth and ashes, admitting your sinfulness by not treating them with the extreme honor they came to expect, bearing your shame and embarrassment, begging and pleading with them with sincere tears of sorrow to forgive you and accept you back, apologizing for your worthlessness, sins and weaknesses--to make promises that you can reform to please your former Master; and most of all you must bear the blame for everything that has gone wrong in their lives; acknowledging your heretofore lack of gratitude for their presence in your life.

Just apologizing to them for offending them, though you have done nothing wrong, is a sure sign that you have entered this phase of your relationship.

If it pleases your narcissist, they may toy with you and make vague references to accepting you back, "After you prove yourself"; more often than not they, will threaten you by saying things like, "You'll PAY for this!" and "You'll regret it!".

The worst thing you could do at this point is to ignore them and get on with your life to be truly freed from your slavery.

Fortunately, there are others who need to live off of a narcissistic source.

If you seek, you shall find; if you knock, it will be opened to you; ask, and it shall be given unto to you.

You can always start the cycle all over again.

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