Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm a self-proclaimed Narcissist

That's right, I'm a self-proclaimed Narcissist and proud of it. I'm sick of seeing Web sites by Narcissists who tell the world how bad they feel about it. I'm sick of people calling Narcissism a "personality disorder." I'm sick of hearing people bitch and moan about how terrible we are and how we should change. Fuck 'em all, I say.

If you're new on the block, you might ask yourself, what's a Narcissist?

A Narcissist is:

-Someone who won't be what you want him to be.
-Someone who loves himself more than he loves you.
-Someone who doesn't, in fact, give two hoots in hell about you at
all, and doesn't feel bad about it either.
-Someone who doesn't apologize for what he is.
-Someone you can't control.

If you have a problem with all that well then pucker up 'cause here comes my ass. Real Narcissists don't apologize. Real Narcissists understand that it's all just a Will to Power. We have the power. Society hates us because we don't pretend to need others. Society can't control us -- the standard tricks it uses, removal of love, removal of possessions, removal of freedom, don't fucking matter to us. We have ourselves, and that's all we need.

I hear women moan about how their lives have been "destroyed" by getting involved with Narcissists. Boo fucking hoo. What you're basically saying is that you failed in your quest to control the relationship and instead were controlled by it. All women are basically narcissists, Freud said that. But they get all pissy when they meet their match, when they're not treated like the little princesses they wish they were. He doesn't buy me flowers and chocolates? He makes me do the dishes and cook too?? What a bastard! He must have a personality disorder! He thinks of himself before me? He doesn't dote on me and he tells me when I look bad and when I say dumbass things? Lock him up or give him some pills to make him better! Make him into a person who'll give me my every wish and love doing it! That's what a normal, healthy man should be! Only kooks don't worship me!!

That's right bitch, I'll dominate you if I can, just as you'll dominate all the sorry shmucks who kowtow to you and kiss your rosy little ass. But that's not me, because I'm a Narcissist. I love MYSELF more than YOU. Awful, ain't it? I notice the DSM-IV doesn't have a diagnosis for "Spoiled, Selfish Bitch Disorder." Why? Because 50% of the population would have it!

I can admit my flaws and still dig myself... I REJOICE when people tell me I'm doing shit wrong. Why can't YOU? Why do you have to punish me for loving myself? YOU are the problem here, and YOU are the one who should "seek treatment."