Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bullies: From The Playground to the Boardroom

Bullies: From The Playground to the Boardroom

by Jane Middelton-Moz, Mary Lee Zawadski

ISBN: 1558749861
ISBN-13: 9781558749863

From the Publisher

From the boardrooms of corporate America to the bedrooms of middle America, bullying is occurring everywhere and is becoming more prevalent and increasingly dangerous.
With in-depth case studies of bullies and those they bullied, this groundbreaking book is emotionally disturbing yet cathartic. It provides a true look at the problem of bullying and what can be done to stop it.
Focusing on the three main environments where bullying occurs-on the playground, in relationships, and in the workplace-the authors provide concrete ways to diffuse bullying situations. They identify six bullying strategies with ways to counter each one and point out climates that encourage bullying behavior, as well as the factors that allow bullying to continue.
Most importantly, the authors explain how to reach out to bullies, since without appropriate guidance and support, bullies will only continue to create fear and anxiety in others. Finally, the authors explore the innovative anti-bullying programs in place around the country, and offer advice to parents and educators about which programs are working-and which are not.

From The Critics

Publishers Weekly
The kid who steals lunch money, the overdemanding spouse, the boss who publicly berates an employee: no matter the age or the environment, if the cruelty they express is "frequent and systematic," they're bullies, say Jane Middelton-Moz and Mary Lee Zawadski. In Bullies: From the Playground to the Boardroom, the authors present interviews with the bullies and with the people they've abused; strategies to cope with (and avoid altogether) bullying situations; and analysis of playground, relationship and workplace bullies.