Saturday, December 08, 2007

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is there hope at all? - maple5596

"I have read many stories of having a NPD husband. Almost all of them are really sad and frightening. Well, I have had bad experience with a NPD man myself. Whenever thinking of those frustration when being with him ( I am now living in different city from him), it scares me. He disturbed and poisoned my life. He has almost all the signs of a NPD.

But, I know it sound naive, maybe, I believe he loved me. He is very warm and loving. when he is alert, sometime, he hated himself so much for not being able to act "normal". I could tell the love lighten up his eyes when he saw me. When he is peaceful - feel accepted and loved totally, with all the attention that I couldn't always give. He is wonderful. He has all the good will, although in reality he doesn't act responsibly at all. I believe him for being lost than being bad. The thoughts of leaving him forever while cannot forget his crying, childlike eyes hurt me terribly. The sense of abandoning a lost child hurt me more than anything.

We all human, we all want our love to be received well. It is obvious that my being with him is very good for him - he become calm, happy, if only I can bear the pain of his unconscious abuse that I forgive him. I forgive him for his illness - it is not his fault. It is not by his choice after all.

I know very clearly that I cannot bear the abuse for long - I was driven almost crazy before moving away from his city. But how I hope that he will be cured somehow!! Isn't there a hope at all?

He is soulful, he wants to love and to be loved, just like every one of us, but more so. There is always hope, right?"