Sunday, November 19, 2006

5 Sure-fire ways to provoke a narcissist

Narcissists become unhinged when their hot-buttons are pushed. By continually bringing the narcissist back to reality by repeatedly 'stinging' him on his sore-places is both a community service and a source of amusement.

Here we have 5 sure-fire ways of putting a narcissist in his place.

1. If you are able to contradict him, do so and do it publically and support your contradiction or disagreement with facts. The effect will be the same as a blow to his head with a sledgehammer.

2. ALL narcissists fear intimacy. Try to draw the narcissist out to comment on intimate matters or highlight his obvious inability establish and maintain intimate relationships. Try something like: "I see you have been married a number of times, I guess you have a problem with women, ever thought of trying a man?" or "You have a weight problem, how are you trying to deal with that?"

3. When he talks about himself and his achievements always look bored, where possible interject and where appropriate, say in a formal meeting, ask him back to stick to the topic. Try something like: "Why are we hearing about you? The subject under discussion here is ...... so can we stick to the point please."

4. Always remind him of reality and bring him back down to earth when his sense of grandiosity gets the better of him. Try something like: "Can we please stick to the reality? I am not sure dealing with individual fantasies is advancing this discussion."

5. Make comments that directly or indirectly impinge on his self-image, omnipotence, judgement, omniscience, skills, capabilities, professional record, or even omnipresence.

Good ways to start sentences are:
"I think you overlooked ... made a mistake here ... you don't know ... do you now ... you were not here yesterday so ... you cannot ... you should ... (perceived by narcissists as a rude imposition, narcissists react very badly to restrictions placed on their freedom to live their fantasy) ... I (always remind him that you are a separate, independent entity, narcissists regard others as extensions of their selves, their internalization processes were screwed up and they did not differentiate properly) ..." You get the gist of it.

With apologies to the authors of : The Inverted Narcissist