Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lies [with deceptions]

Knowing, deliberate lies with deceptions are nearly always at the heart of the distorted perception, narcissism and abuse of power of the victims.

The goal of the liar is to convince you that perception is reality--that is to say, his perception is to be your reality.

The second goal of the liar is to convince you that the end justifies the means so that you will abandon all integrity and pull out all the stops to achieve what the abuser wants to achieve.

Acting out the premise that the end justifies the means is a deal with the Devil: You are automatically trapped in the lies and deceptions as a willing accessory.

If you are caught in the immoral, unethical and illegal acts in following the premise that the end justifies the means, it is generally arranged that you alone will bear the consequences in the arena of accountability.

Participating in lies and deceptions, making yourself a party to them, destroys your character and weakens your position with the abuser. It is a trap from which you may not be able to extricate yourself.

Lies result in apathy, when people come to know the lies and find they cannot do anything about them because their options are limited by superior force. Listen for the statement of hopelessness: "Nothing ever changes around here".

When people begin to find options to the enforced lies they are forced to live with, what usually follows is rebellion. Rebellion takes many forms--from sedition to quitting the job and working elsewhere to outright violence. Going Postal often finds its foundation in the fruition of the frustrations of bearing lies and deceptions in an insane environment. Abuse often ends in violence or divorce when people feel they can't live with it any longer.

Quiet Safe [org]