Monday, May 21, 2007

Figure Out If Someone Is A Narcissist Before You Get Serious

He is charming, good looking, intelligent, generous, and social.

Not so fast Cinderella things are not always what they seem.

Laura is a smart and attractive young professional, who thought she found the same in Nick.

He talked a big game, but after his start-up company failed, he convinced her to pay for everything, the last two years of their relationship.

Later, she found out he was lying and cheating on her.

Doctor Keith Campbell PhD, University of Georgia, spent years researching narcissism, which is defined as excessive admiration or love of oneself, and found they are warning signs.

Narcissists often talk about themselves and are materialistic.

They are charming, extroverted, and believe they are entitled to more than anyone else.

What separates them from someone who is just cocky?

Narcissists care only for themselves.

After having four kids with her husband, Amy realized her husband was never going to change.

“We would go to church as the perfect family, but then we would leave church and he would go off with one of his women friends to go play tennis or go hiking to do something. And you know, and it's my fault for being jealous,” said Amy Miler, married to a narcissist.

Dr. Campbell says, “They are very good at starting relationships, but they have problems keeping them.”

He says it is important to know what to look for.

Narcissism can range from mild to moderate, which may be tolerable, but it can also be a full blown personality disorder that can be hazardous.